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I am friends with an Iranian dissident who, along with her family, immigrated to Australia after the Green Revolution to be free from the authoritarian regime they so despise. She messaged me this weekend concerning the new US visa waiver overhaul, which will make it more difficult for her and her family to travel within the United States and the 38 other countries who participate in the program.

I repost to show how US domestic politics can, once translated into policy, damage our relationships with the very types of people we want to support – in the case of my friend, Iranian dissidents who normally would look to the US as an ally.

Hi Jason, Something has been bothering me in the last 2 days which I want to share with you. I want to know what you think. I have already shared the link to the news I’m going to talk about. It is about this new legislation which puts more restrictions on Iranians, or whoever has recently traveled to Iran. I can’t comprehend what US government is trying to achieve??? Currently in the whole Middle East, the only nation who don’t “hate” Americans are Iranians. By applying more restrictions on ordinary Iranians, US is creating hatred among Iranians twards Americans. I don’t believe if they have any idea about the impact of their decisions on ordinary people. Iranians are not terrorists, have never been. ISIS are not Iranian. All the major terrorrist attacks have been committed by people (countries) who are America’s “closest” allies in the Middle East. I don’t need to name them, do I? It feels terrible to be blamed for something that you don’t have any control over. These sort of actions not only don’t solve America’s security issues, but add to them by creating hatred among ordinary people who have always tried to be friends with Americans. This is exactly what Iran’s goverment want. Iran’s goverment is now happy, because people have started to realise that US is not their friend, in fact US can’t care less about them.