Things to remember during these crazy times:

1) We are all Americans first, assuming you are American, like me

2) We are all Westerners, assuming you are from the West, like me

3) It doesn’t take citizenship to share Western values, which are really universal values, and I consider anyone of my friends who live in non-Western countries but who share enlightenment values to be equally one with anyone else from the West

It’s ok to take pride in these things, even while we recognize that American history, and Western history more broadly, have also been responsible for some horrible acts.

It is ok to say, “We are one before we are two, and we are united above and beyond those times we find ourselves divided.”  Be united, not divided.  The alternative is to be divided, and let those who ARE united determine the course of world history moving forward.  In general, those governments do not share the same values as do we.  

And so it is up to we, as Americans, Westerners, and all people who share a passion for the idea that all humans are equal and that the rule of law is fundamental–to stand together as a united front against the encroaching tides of tyranny, the world over, and to say NO.  Not this time.  Not ever.