partisan reasoning

Conservative partisans appear to be doubling down on their conviction that removing Comey was the right thing to do.  Even though just prior to his removal, many were against it or on the fence.  What appears to have happened is a classic case of motivated reasoning, or post-hoc rationalization, whereby one reasons in reverse the justification for their beliefs.  In this case, the reasoning away is the actions of a sitting US president to fire the very man who was investigating his campaign ties to Russia (among other things).  In any other universe, that would be straight up corruption.  

Perhaps what the Trump Train should be doing is considering how they would feel had Obama done something similar.  My only recommendation to my friends on the right wing would be that maybe it’s time to hold your own candidate to the same standards that you would want to see on the other side, lest someday we have a Left Wing Donald Trump.  Obama had his faults.  And I realize that you believe that I am casting stones when Obama, in your eyes, was so blameworthy.  But we have to at some point think critically about matters of degree.  And there simply is no precedent for Donald Trump.

No doubt, many passionately believe that Donald Trump has not been given a fair shake by the media.  But there is no media conspiracy against Donald Trump that he did not help to bring upon himself.  And while it is true that every president, Republican or Democrat, has to contend with a loud, and sometimes hyper critical media that leans center left, the conservative spin that the media is, in Patt Buchanon’s words, the “Opposition Party” is a bit lame. 

Perhaps that would be true in a country where the only media were, for example, Breitbart, but the United States has a free press.  Nobody is forced to read any one particular resource.  I’ve gone weeks without visiting the NY Times.  Maybe it’s time for folks like Buchanon to focus less on the media, and more on their own candidate’s problems:  like an inability to stick with any single version of the truth.