king donald the terror

If 90% of the things liberals say about Trump are over reaction, the remaining 10% are easily enough to disqualify him from office (using reasonable standards).  His flouting of basic decency norms, which are NOT the same thing as political correctness and in fact ARE necessary and important to a diverse society, which is what America is and forever will be (even if we stopped all immigration tomorrow), is enough to disqualify him from my vote literally ever.  In fact, as one who rejects extreme forms of political correctness, I also equally reject extreme forms of Donald Trump anti-political correctness (although I support and will fight for your right to be a terrible, good for nothing ignoramus if you really must).  Furthermore, Donald Trump’s ability to normalize flagrant, abusive, over the top lying would be enough for the Republican version of myself to have voted independent in any parallel universe where I maintained any sense of principled adherence to rational, critical thought.  And we are not just talking about stretching the truth, or getting caught in a minor fib here or a hypocritical flip flop there, no.  We are talking about the kind of lying my parents brought me up to never engage in.  The didn’t eat any cookies even though my hand is in the cookie jar kind of lying.   The my teeth are covered in chocolate, my hand is in the cookie jar, and a carton of milk is spilling over on the counter, “but what cookies do you mean” kind of lying.  The narcissistic and manipulative “hey I did some good things too so it’s OK if I totally make shit up that is totally blatantly obviously false in order to con my way into people’s hearts and minds” kind of lying. If any given president is some percent corrupt, Donald Trump has vastly exceeded the average by the distance to Mars and back (3x).  His form of populism (which is not the same thing as patriotism and is a complete over correction to whatever liberal excess did exist under Obama) has encouraged the authoritarian mindset around the world, where leaders look to sitting US presidents to define what standards they too must at least feign in order to maintain good standing with the world’s foremost democracy.  It is a sad day that such a man has risen to contaminate our highest office with his ignorant brand of national populism (cough fascism cough), and it is my mission in life to ensure that his ability to sully our sacred office is a very short lived nightmare, not a long lived terror.