deserved scrutiny

Donald Trump has brought the scrutiny on himself in his well documented words and behavior since he started campaigning. And I’m not even getting into the speculative stuff.

Nobody can dispute that he has engaged in an extreme form of politics of division (a dangerous thing to do in a diverse nation), nobody can dispute that he routinely lies in broad daylight without any remorse for his actions and how they reflect upon this country and our highest office (do you seriously want your kids to model their behavior after that???), nobody can dispute that he literally called for an American foreign adversary to spy on his political rival, nobody can dispute that he has a very weird and suspicious love affair with Putin (out of all the world leaders Putin was the one Trump decided to fawn over during his campaign), nobody can dispute that he has called the media an enemy of the people and the dangerous implications of those words coming from that office, nobody can dispute that he won’t release his tax returns, nobody can dispute that he uses Twitter carelessly and with little regard to the power of his words on world affairs, nobody can dispute that it is impossible to know what his strategy is from day to day (although some people think that flying by the seat of your pants as POTUS is a legitimate strategy).

For all these reasons (and many more) I don’t feel sorry for him, and believe he is getting what he deserves. Furthermore, I would argue that if you’re a supporter you should own the fact that this kind of behavior is fundamental to his character, and just be honest that a) you don’t care or b) it’s worth making deals with the devil in order to advance certain values positions and or other policy strategies. I get it. Maybe it was the Supreme Court? Maybe it was immigration? Maybe you like chaos? Maybe you actually think he’s going to “shake things up”? (Whatever the hell that means) But don’t try to reason your way into convincing yourself that Donald Trump is somehow a gentleman and a scholar who is the next best thing since Abe Lincoln. No. He’s a habitual liar and a narcicist. He is what he is. We got what we got.