the feeble-minded know nothings

The great thing about feeble-minded know nothings who scream for people to “get out of my country” is that their words can be cancelled out in so many different ways. For example, “No, you get out of my country”, or more appropriately, “Nobody owns this country, so shut your blustering pie hole”. And when they pull out their guns because they are so weak in words and they start shooting, they can always count on the immense response of the vast majority of decent people who call this land home. And you know what? There is nothing more American than citizenship papers. Once you have them, you are just as American as me and Donald Trump (bless him). So to my immigrant friends i say hold your heads up during this time, and continue to claim this country as yours because it is yours. And continue to strive to make it better because there is nothing more American than that (and maybe citizenship papers and apple pie).