Blasphemy law is to religion what “opening up” the libel law is to Donald Trump. It’s a means of protecting ideas (and tiny men) from criticism by increasing the risk for speaking truth to power. I look forward to continuing to speak truth to power (be it powerful groups or powerful people) until the day that I am buried 6 feet under and even then I may require a laptop and wifi.

In this case, the Assassin’s Veto has prevailed in Denmark:

““Danish authorities are afraid that the Quran burning could spark a new crisis, and if they say that they’ve actually charged this person, this is a way to appease or at least avoid such a crisis,” he said.”

“Not all” religions though:

“”Mr. Paludan also noted that in 1997, a Danish artist burned a copy of the Bible on a news show by a state broadcaster but was not charged. “Considering that it is legal to burn a Bible in Denmark, I’m surprised then that it would be guilty to burn the Quran,” he said in a phone interview.””