the political party of i dont know

I want the political party of “I don’t know”. This political party would literally admit when they do not know, and they would do so loudly and proudly. Such a political party would not embrace ignorance or anti-intellectualism, nor would they position themselves as the answer to everything, and they would especially not assume that good intentions automatically lead to desirable outcomes (instead they would realize that history has shown how even the best of intentions can sometimes result in tragedy). Most importantly, they would not allow their lack of knowing to keep them from seeking progress. They would recognize progress as the inevitable result of learning from many failures, and as such, they would pride themselves on admitting when they got it wrong — but only so much as they viewed “getting it wrong” as a necessary step to being right. This political party would be neither liberal nor conservative, but rather they would consult a variety of viewpoints to come up with the best possible answer to each given challenge. In some cases that answer may seem more traditionally left, while in other cases it may seem more traditionally right. But for the political party of “I don’t know”, ideological purity takes second place to what actually works, and what actually works is, my guess, what most of us are after in the first place.