why post political commentary on facebook

Note:  I posted this to my Facebook page but am posting it here as well as it’s relevant to why I blog to begin with.


Some of my friends may wonder, “what is the purpose of posting political commentary on Facebook?” I post politically because it is my goal to persuade people, and the extent to which I am able to win folks over to my side is the degree to which I am successful. However, in some cases, my goal is not to convince my already intelligent friends of the rightness of a claim, such as “what is the best way to manage society”, but to encourage them to think more critically. Which is to say that I believe that there are better and worse ways of considering the issues, but within that framework there is still plenty room for disagreement, especially on issues like “what should the tax rate be”, “which presidential candidate is more qualified”, or “what should we do about this major challenge or that”.

Thinking critically does not mean that one must, inevitably, become more like the author of this post (although he would be flattered), but it does mean that one must at least be open to correction.

Furthermore, my ultimate goal is not to convince those who are most like me, but to influence those who are least like me. This is because I believe that the world can only improve if strong ideas can transcend race, class and religious barriers (the primary obstacles of difference). If cogent ideas are unable to span the gaps that divide, then the future of humanity is bleak. But if we can bridge the gaps through more compelling proposals that are universal to all people and groups, then there is hope for humanity and the future is bright. I believe that there is a bright future ahead for the human race, and that it is the responsibility of each of us, regardless of our status or background, to help bring it about. Facebook is simply a medium for spreading better ideas, and combating weaker ones.