back to the basics

Freddie deBoer offers a more compelling, back to the basics alternative to the cultish, postmodern, identity based cesspool the American left has now become. He recognizes, appropriately, that an egalitarian movement based on the equality of race, color, religion, sex, gender and national origin will ultimately fail so long as its messaging seeks to divide based on race, color, religion, sex, gender and national origin.

A functioning, healthy left political movement would identify building a mass movement by appealing to the unconvinced as its most central, most essential goal. It would identify obscurantism, factionalism, purity signaling, and other behaviors that limit the potential numbers of the movement as counterproductive. It would limit the use of specialized vocabulary and other forms of in-group signaling. It would constantly consider how its practices and discourses actually grow or fail to grow the ranks of the movement. It would not abandon principle in the name of popularity, but it would insist that principles that inherently exclude large swaths of the human population cannot be the basis for a successful movement. It would seek to welcome, not alienate, those not already convinced.