transnational whistle blowing

I’m excited to have had a recent correspondence with Dr Charli Carpenter. I asked her the following question, by way of e-mail:

“I was wondering about your thoughts on the efficacy of transnational whistle blowing like we saw with Snowden and Wikileaks.

The amount of information in these leaks that was released to the public was substantial. Since we lack the tools to carefully assess whether the overall impact of these leaks was truly worth it (intended consequences + unintended consequences), should whistle blowers show more restraint in how much secret information they release for just anybody to see?

Is there really any way we can truly measure the impact of massive leaks with so much unknown in terms of how the information might get used? Simply saying they are justified because, you know, liberty, seems fairly insufficient to me. ”

She responded and said that she thought the question was interesting, and that she would love to read more on it if I had anything. Unfortunately, I do not, so i’m going to do some research and see if this is a topic worth exploring further.